Margaret Cho

Headliner: Margaret Cho
May 06 • 7:00 PM (Door Time: 6:00 PM)The Wiltern

Comedian. Actor. Musician. Advocate. Entrepreneur. Five-time Grammy and Emmy nominee. Margaret Cho, a jack of all trades, master of many. When hasn’t Margaret and her comedic voice been a part of our consciousness? It seems like she’s always been here, lighting the path for other women, other members of underrepresented groups, other performers, to follow. Margaret makes it a priority to support the causes that are important to her: anti-racism, anti-bullying, and gay rights, all while fulfilling her successful creative side with her legendary stand up career that has yielded 10-plus comedy tours, television appearances (smash hit “ The Masked Singer,” HBO’s “High Maintenance"), podcasting (“The Margaret Cho”) and film, Netflix's "Good on Paper" with Iliza Shlesinger and "Auntie Ling" in Netflix's first major animated film, Over the Moon, which was nominated for an Academy Award & Golden Globe Award with Vulture stating "one of the most gorgeous animated films ever made.

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