Frequently Asked Questions

Who? What? Where? WTF? How? Huh? We got ya.

How should I get there and what's the deal with parking?

Do I need a ticket?

What does the Ticketmaster Platinum ticket mean? Why do you have it?

I bought tickets but can no longer go to the show. Can I exchange them?

What’s security like?

Is there a dress code and can I dress up?

What are the prohibited items at the venues?

What’s the cellphone policy? Can I take photos or videos at the performances?

Is there a lost & found? Where is it?

Can I leave a show in the middle of the performance?

Are these shows ADA accessible?

Is the experience okay for kids?

Might I be filmed?

I don’t see tickets for a performer on the lineup I want to see, are they playing the festival?

Health and Safety

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